Валерия Карат - королева магии
Валерия Карат - королева магии
Learn the real reasons of your problems
Валерия Карат - королева магии
Валерия Карат - королева магии
Валерия Карат - королева магии
Валерия Карат - королева магии
My magic
Open the door to the world of secrets and predictions with Tarot cards.

Find out about your future, decipher the symbols of the cards and gain a deep understanding of your destiny.
Clue the celestial bodies and their influence on your life with the help of astrology.

Study your natal chart, learn about your individual characteristics, potential
and life path.
Immerse yourself in the world of arcane
knowledge and the possibilities
of transformation through alchemy.

Discover your inner potential, transform
negative emotions into positive energy
and achieve harmony of body and soul.
And Potions
Who is
She is an unusual figure — not only a real witch, but also a talented sorceress. In Russia, she is known expert, able to explain and prove scientifically how her love rites work.

With the help of a black wedding and consecrated voodoo dolls, magic spells and magic potions, she completely subjugates people. Her name is Valeriya Karat, and she belongs to the ancient family of atsinganos, which translates as "wizards, fortune-tellers." In Russia, she is the only representative of this kin and is known as Shuvani — a gypsy witch.

From the childhood, she was engaged in magic and performed various magical rituals. Her office has an atmosphere of mystery and magic, where you can smell strange herbs, hear invisible voices and feel things that cannot be explained in ordinary words.
Learn about the future with
Immerse yourself in the magical world of predictions and open the curtain that hides your fate.
Open the gates to hidden knowledge and get valuable clues about what lies ahead.
Trust the wisdom of the Tarot cards and gain confidence in your life path.
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The stars will show the way
Discover the secrets of your natal chart and gain a deep understanding of your destiny.
Immerse yourself in the magical world of astrology and decipher the messages of the planets
to create harmony and success in your life. Learn about your individual traits, potential and
opportunities to shine as a bright star in the sky of your existence.

Trust the wisdom of astrologers and find your true purpose in this vast universe. Preferences
and events in our lives can be reflected in advance in the celestial panorama - let the stars tell
you their story.

Unique potions and Arcanum
Discover the magical world of alchemy and gain the power of transformation in your life.
Dive into mysterious compounds and secret recipes to create elixirs that can change your reality.
I will offer you unique formulas that will help you find harmony, well-being and inner transformation.
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I can
I will help you bring luck and
financial well-being back into your life.
I will teach you the card-reading,
astrology, alchemy and more
I will remove the evil eye and jinx, get rid of female diseases and perform a purification ceremony
I will help you get married,
return your loved one and
reunite people's destinies
Gypsy love spell
Sexual binding
Egillet (magical chastity belt)
Ritual to get married
Return a loved one
Ritual for the return of passion
Black wedding
Secret drink
Connection of fates
Rituals for love
Calling a loved one
Return the passion
Black love spell
Opening a financial channel
Rituals for great wealth
Rituals for honor
Rituals for popularity
Rituals for success
Quick money ritual
Money spirits raising
Call for fortune
Rituals for good luck
Spell for money
1 Kradnik (theft of cherished
from the opponent)
Ritual for wealth
Money ritual
Talisman and amulets for money
Cash flow call
Honey rituals
Removal of the evil eye
Removal of the jinx
Removal of family perdition
Removal of crown of celibacy
Removal of spinster perdition
Elimination of an opponent
Blocking competitors
Road openings
Purification through the graveyard
Removal of female diseases
Clearing of blocks
Wax casting
Lead casting
Purification through the
Whatch the
Statistic data
How much does a consultation cost?
Cost of consultation $450
How long does a consultation last?
Average consultation is approximately 60-75 minutes.
Where does the consultation take place?
In-person: 1965 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11223 or Online: via video call.

Both could be scheduled here (link to the calendar/appointment setting)
What is needed for a consultation?
To make the most of your time with Valeria, please prepare a list of questions and areas of your desire (love, money, purpose, health, career, etc.). Valeria will also ask for your date of birth and full name. If consulting for another person, their full name, date of birth, and photo will be required.
What tools are used during the consultation?
Valeria may use a variety of expert tools during the consultation which may involve, Tarot cards, numerology, astrology, symbolism, and much more.
What kind of magic does Valeria use?
Valeria is a master practitioner in both light and dark magic.
Is magic a sin?
Because Valeria uses tremendous divine energy and secret knowledge only for good to help people, consulting with her is certainly not a sin.
Why do you need to charge for the session?
Money is one of the most powerful energy carriers and needs to be spent to activate the energy needed for your session.
What can be expected during and after the first consultation?
At your consultation, you will receive answers to many of your questions, including your hidden thought, feelings, and plans of the people you are interested in. You will also receive valuable advice that you can use for the rest of your life. With the help of astrology and your karmic data, Valeria will tell you about your destiny, and all hidden talents and reveal your potential.
How is the magical work going?
Part of the rituals is carried out personally with you if you have such an opportunity, if you work with Valeria online, then the work is carried out through your biological material and from a photo.
Are there any additional costs?
Since each person requires a different level of involvement, Valeria may recommend additional services and rituals. Since those are customized to the individual, their prices are also customized and individualized.
How did Valeria get her gift?
Valeria received her gift from her grandmother, who was also a healer.
How long has Valeria been practicing magic?
Valeria started practicing magic and helping people as a child and has been practicing for more than 25 years.
Do you have
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1965 Coney Island Avenue Bro New York 11223
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