Hereditary clairvoyant love magician Valeria Karat
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Russian Baba Vanga.

Russian Baba Vanga - Valeria Karat — who is she? A real witch or just a sorceress? She is the only one in Russia who explained and proved from a scientific point of view how her love rites work: black wedding and full submission of the person through the consecrated voodoo dolls, magic spells and magic potions.

Valeria Karat belongs to the ancient 'Atsinganos' family, which means "magicians, fortune-tellers". Is the only Shuvani in Russia (Gypsy witch). From childhood she has been practicing real witchcraft and conducts magical rituals. In her office all reigns and rules the atmosphere of mystery and magic, here you will hear the smells of strange herbs, invisible voices and something that can not be explained in common words. Valeria Karat is the only sorceress that conducts all their magical rites exclusively together with you. You will see all the sacrament of the rite with your own eyes, you will read spells with her, and in a few days you get everything you came for. Her magical rituals of the old believers she spends mostly in cemeteries and swamps.

All hidden thoughts, feelings and plans of yours and the person of your interest she sees through and immediately says what is the cause of your problem.

There is no limit to real sorcery. The proper conduct of the ceremony contributes to success in a short time. Getting to hers, you find yourself in a world in which there is love, happiness and well-being. She always gives you an opportunity to bring them into your life. To conduct her ceremonies the Gypsy Baba Vanga uses and sacramental wine, and the blood, and the grave earth taken from the cemetery, and black Thursday salt brought for cleansing, and the feathers of birds, frogs legs, and cockroaches for rituals for money, and hearts and lungs of animals, which she uses to subdue the will of man, that he could not breathe without you and love only you. All this is her handy stuff with which she will be able to help you get back a loved one, get rid of a rival, get married safely and remove the any kind of hex.

For all her work she provides one hundred percent written guarantee, signed by her personally. If you decide to ask Valeria Karat for help, you should know — you will get what you came for. Be watchful, because the world is full of dirt and envy, and while you ponder over something - your enemies and rivals do not sleep.


Valeria Karat is an expert in such magazines as: Cosmopolitan, Wday, OtkroveniyaZvesd (Stars Revelations)


From the most ancient times to the present day the culture of the gypsies is shrouded in numerous secrets. There are legends about the prophetic abilities of this nation - it both attracts and causes fear among ordinary people.

The united gypsy nation was not formed at once, so our people can be divided into several clans. I belong to the ancient 'Atsinganos' family, which was famous for its powerful pythonic and magical powers. For centuries, my ancestors have accumulated the sacred knowledge and folk wisdom of the Ancient East, passing the most valuable information from generation to generation. It was the representatives of our family who were turned to for magical help, who were asked for love spells and healing.

What is the mysterious gypsy magic and why does it attract people so much?

Gypsy rituals have nothing to do with white magic, and this is stronger than ordinary black magic. Sometimes the rites are very cruel and merciless, but, undoubtedly, they are the most powerful and effective. Gypsy sorcery of my kind is based on the principles of necromancy, it is communication with the spirits of the dead, sacrifices to higher powers and deities.

Many rites are closely related to the cycles of the Moon. A rite performed on aIncrescent moon will contribute to the multiplication of something, and on a waning one – to deliverance or decrease.

The occult knowledge of the Atsinganos clan is kept in the strictest secrecy and is inaccessible to members of other clans and nationalities. True gypsy magic does not allow quackery and fraud, we appreciate only real craftsmanship.

If you need help, it is pointless to turn to white or black wizards who have received diplomas and specialist certificates. There wasn’t, isn’t and will never be a stronger magic than gipsy magic - remember this.
Hereditary clairvoyant love magician Valeria Karat
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Attention! Be careful! A gang of fraudsters, hiding behind my good name, misleads people. I do not do remote work, but only personal receptions. All ceremonies are held in your presence!

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