This ritual is considered one of the most mysterious, and in this regard, so popular and attractive. By itself, the ceremony of black wedding is a type of love spell, though its main purpose is not to attract people to each other, but holding them together, not giving him a chance to fall apart relationships. By its nature, this ritual is more like a binding spell, that is, prevents foreign relations, impeding the married pair. Its name “Black Wedding” comes from similarity with the classical Church wedding ceremony, but in this “wedding” dark satanic forces are called to participate.Get help


A properly conducted Black Wedding ceremony is capable of joining two people together. The love caused by this spell is infinite and has no boundaries, since the impact is not on one representative of the couple, but on both at once, and dramatically changing their lives. Therefore, Black Wedding can be carried out only if you are ready to create a family with your chosen person, to marry him and have children. Otherwise, it is necessary to abandon this rite, if you do not want to experience the possible negative consequences. This enchantment can only be removed by the magician who performed it.


To conduct the ritual I will need two photos each of which needs to be shown one of a pair, preferably in full growth, as the effect is on all the chakras. Your presence and the presence of the necessary attributes is required. The ceremony is held at midnight during the full moon or growing moon, but in no case the decreasing. At the cemetery is chosen a strictly defined place, usually on the grave with your name or the name of your beloved. During the ritual, it is forbidden to say something, with the exception of the oaths that you repeat after me. You can’t look back or laugh. Further actions need to be kept in strict secrecy to obtain the desired effect.

So, if you decide that you want to be with a specific person for the rest of your days by performing a Black Wedding ritual, then I will help you to make it safe for you and for him.


Hereditary clairvoyant love magician Valeria Karat
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