Judging by the name, it is not difficult to guess what is a Quarrel Spell. This is one of the types of love magic that will cause irreparable harm to the relationship. This kind of impact is made deliberately, in order to destroy someone’s relationship.

By agreeing to perform this rite you must understand what responsibility you take. The spell to quarrel can be applied to a rival or friends as well if their relations bring you inconvenience. Strong quarrel spells cause quarrels and conflicts in the couple, which grow to a huge scale, making life together unbearable.

This ritual is typically conducted on old moon, also called the Waning Moon. I’m conducting a ritual using the power of black magic, so I put compulsory protection for myself and the customer. The result comes in power within a week. After a break-up in the relationship, you can loosen or remove the quarrel spell completely – at your discretion.

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