Recently, the magic and sorcery are so popular that now almost everyone more or less advanced in this area is familiar with the concept of the celibacy wreath. So, the celibacy wreath is called a kind of hex, which is done either on a particular person or on the whole family in order to deprive the possibility to marry or just to have a personal relationship. Such damage may appear in different forms and can carry a different degree of danger, so it is better not to try to remove it yourself and immediately contact a specialist.Get help


First of all, it is important to identify where is the curse and by whom it is sent: a random envious or professional sorcerer. And in both cases, the celibacy wreath must be removed.

I use several types of removal of the wreath of celibacy in my practice since I approach each specific situation individually. In some cases, it is enough to “clean” the astral body of a person, thereby removing the existing negative. In other cases it is necessary to resort to the ancient Gypsy rites to remove it. One of such rites is the ‘Black Veil’. During its conduct, a veil is put on the girl, while I pronounce the necessary spell in the Old Gypsy language. This is followed by a series of sequential actions with candles and veil, after which it is all buried in the cemetery or burned, depending on the individual situation. There is a lot of details and nuances of this rite as I said earlier, each case should be investigated thoroughly. There can not exist a common template for removing such a serious and dangerous type of charm.


If you find a step by step instructions on removing the wreath of celibacy in literature or the Internet – in any case do not try to test the effect of it on yourself. Carrying out certain manipulations yourself, you will only aggravate the situation, even if at first you see some result. Therefore, I recommend you not to play with your own destiny but to trust a professional – we have only one life.


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