Each person comes to this world with a certain genetic set, which includes both external parameters and indicators, such as height, weight, eye color, etc. During life, they either remain as nature has laid in us, or change under the influence of human efforts. But there are situations in which any efforts and diligences do not bring the desired results. Most often, this problem is associated with excess weight and, as a consequence, the lack of sexuality. It is considered that these cases concern only women, but, as practice shows, it is not so. I am approached by a lot of people with the desire to get rid of excess weight and gain lost sexuality or acquire it. In such cases, I always start with that identifying the root causes of the situation in a particular person, as they lurk much deeper than it seems.Get help


Once the cause of the problem is found, it is necessary that the person made a firm decision to change himself, and accordingly, his future life for the better. During the appointment, I always tell what you will gain through a particular ritual in detail, and what may be the consequences of its conduct. This is very important because a person can be difficult to cope with the huge amount of attention, admiration and adoration that fall on him after he gets the desired body and begins to attract the opposite sex as a magnet.

As for the rite of weight loss, during its conduct there are just me and my visitor in the room, and very important is the fact that the person was sincere with me and did not conceal anything. With a few Gypsy charms I put a block on certain foods that are irritant to a particular person. After that, the body simply does not require these foods and becomes completely indifferent to them. Then, the mechanism of transformation of the body starts automatically and you just notice that your body “blooms” in the eyes, and then the process becomes irreversible. Your appeal increases every day more and more, respectively, you become a coveted, desirable object for the opposite sex. The rite also works to increase sexuality, but in this case I use a Muslim reads to strengthen the appeal and make a ritual of increasing sexual energy.

I shift your excess weight to certain foods, and you feed them to certain animals, and the animals begin to get fat after feeding while you lose your excess weight.


So, if you feel that you have lost your past attractiveness and an impressive army of fans, or always wanted to get them, but still could not, I recommend that you do not waste time for despair and hating yourself. Take a step towards your happiness and you will see how the world around and inside you will sparkle with new colors.


Hereditary clairvoyant love magician Valeria Karat
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Attention! Be careful! A gang of fraudsters, hiding behind my good name, misleads people. I do not do remote work, but only personal receptions. All ceremonies are held in your presence!

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