The magic of paintings

Besides sorcery and magical rituals, I paint. My canvases are imbued with a powerful energy charge, which can be felt when one lifts hands to the canvas.How do I achieve it? The fact is that I paint only when I feel a creative impulse – it is always a process based on inspiration. I felt the talent for painting in deep childhood and learned to transfer my emotions to the canvas.I paint my paintings at night. On the prepared canvas I put special magic signs and symbols that carry a large stock of positive energy. Then I take brushes and paints in my hands, and the symbols begin to take shape. To enhance the magical effect of the picture during its creation, I read special charms.Upon completion, there are creations that fill the life of their future owner with vital forces, good luck, and shield from troubles. It turns out an interesting effect – the picture chooses an owner by itself. When you look at the works, you immediately feel which one is right for you.My paintings can help solve complex problems, back up with energy when there is no strength left. If you want to protect your home from ill-wishers, then best hang the canvas at the entrance. If you want to gain financial well-being, then put the picture in your office or in the living room. To maintain love and sexual desire, place the canvas in the bedroom above the bed.Positive energy, which is literally saturated with canvases, can help in business, in love relationships, in financial matters.
Warning! Scammers who hide behind my name appeared on the Internet. I conduct receptions only in person at: 505 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.


Attention! Be careful! A gang of fraudsters, hiding behind my good name, misleads people. I do not do remote work, but only personal receptions. All ceremonies are held in your presence!

505 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn,NY.
Working days: Mon - Sun,
from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Valeria Karat